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M3 Framework Introduction M3 Framework Overview M3 Phase 0 - Assessment M3 Phase 1 - Readiness M3 Phase 2 - Selection M3 Phase 3 - Engagement M3 Phase 4 - Migration M3 Phase 5 - Operations M3 Resources Image Map Phase 0: Assessment Phase 1: Readiness Phase 2: Selection Phase 3: Engagement Phase 4: Migration Phase 5: Operations
Phase 2: Selection

Objective: Conduct due diligence to identify and select the provider based on requirements and initial target end state.

   Phase 2 Playbook • Phase 2 Guidance • Phase 2 Tollgate ReviewLegend - Customer, Provider, Shared
Phase 2 Provider Selection Program Management Workforce, Organization, and Stakeholders Technology Process and Service Delivery
2.1 Select Provider for Engagement
2.1a Select Provider for Engagement (Resources & Guidance)
2.1b Select Provider for Engagement: Market Research and Provider Selection Process
2.2 Update Lifecycle Cost Estimate for Engagement, Migration, and O&M
2.3 Monitor and Control Program Execution
2.4 Maintain and Execute Risk Processes
2.5 Assess Labor Relations Outreach
2.6 Develop Change Management Plan
2.7 Conduct Initial Data Cleansing

Phase 2 Documentation: The following documentation is developed during Phase 2 and is used to inform the Phase 2 Tollgate Review discussion. Agencies purchasing transaction processing services only will identify relevant activities and artifacts for their projects using the M3 Tailoring Guide.

Phase 2 Documentation
Provider Assessment Report • Engagement Phase IAA (Federal Only)
• Updated Data Cleansing Plan
• M3 Risk Assessment Tool
Business Needs Workbook 
• Evaluation Criteria
• Draft RFI and Responses (Commercial Only)
• Implementation Approach/Schedule
• Draft RFP (Commercial Only)
• Updated LCCE for Engagement, Migration, and O&M
• Updated Procurement Plan
Updated Initial Schedule
HR/Staffing Plan
• Updated Program Management Plan
• Updated IV&V Plan
Status Reports/Dashboard
• Updated Risk Management Plan
Updated RAID Log
• Labor Relations Strategy
• Change Management Plan
• Updated Communications Plan
• Baseline Readiness Assessment
• Data Cleansing Scripts
Information Contained in Tollgate Discussion
Phase 2 Tollgate Review 

1. M3 Risk Assessment Tool
2. Initial Schedule Overview
3. Updated Lifecycle Cost Estimate (LCCE)
4. Provider Selection Summary
5. HR/Staffing Plan Update (Customer)
6. HR/Staffing Plan Overview (Provider)
7. Scope of Services Overview
8. Business Needs Workbook
9. Procurement Approach
10. Change Management and Communication Approach
11. Labor Relations Strategy 12. Data Management/Data Quality Approach
13. Draft RFI and Responses (Commercial Only)
14. Top Risks
Exit Criteria (to Move to Phase 3)
✓Provider Selected (Federal Only)
✓RFP Drafted (Commercial Only)
Business Needs Workbook
✓Mitigation Plans in Place for Major Risks/Issues
✓Initial Schedule Updated ✓Data Cleansing Commenced ✓LCCE Updated for Engagement, Migration, and O&M ✓Communications to Stakeholder Delivered

Phase 2 Guidance: Guidance Items are used by agencies to help with the selection process. Templates are provided for agencies to help in the development of program documentation.

Phase 2 Guidance
Phase 2 Guidance 
•M3 Tailoring Guide
• Business Needs Workbook
• Provider Assessment Report (Federal Only)
• Updated Scope of Services
• Implementation Approach/Schedule
• Engagement Phase IAA (Federal Only)
• Updated LCCE for Engagement, Migration, and O&M
• Status Reports/Dashboards
• HR/Staffing Plan
• Updated Initial Schedule
• Updated IV&V Plan
• Updated Procurement Plan
• Updated Risk Management Plan
• Updated RAID Log
• Labor Relations Strategy
• Updated Communications Plan
• Updated Data Cleansing Plan
Phase 2: Assessment FAQs
2-1. Should I engage the Managing Partner to help complete questions within the provider portion of the Business Needs Workbook?
o Given that many questions are unique to the customer, providers should complete the provider portion of the Business Needs Workbook. Some responses to common questions, however, will be made available on ProviderStat in the future. For more information on ProviderStat, click here.
2-2. Where can I find information on how providers are performing?
o Performance feedback and metrics will soon be captured in Customer Satisfaction surveys and made available as part of the information available from ProviderStat. For more information on ProviderStat, click here.
2-3. What if the customer determines that moving to a shared service provider is not advantageous?
o Customers will be asked to justify to the satisfaction of OMB and USSM following the completion of Phase 2 (Selection) why the agency should retain the system and modernize, move to a shared service, or become a shared service provider. Customers desiring to retain systems should still come to the Phase 2 Tollgate and work with USSM to tailor the Tollgate process, as necessary.