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M3 Framework Introduction M3 Framework Overview M3 Phase 0 - Assessment M3 Phase 1 - Readiness M3 Phase 2 - Selection M3 Phase 3 - Engagement M3 Phase 4 - Migration M3 Phase 5 - Operations M3 Resources Phase 0: AssessmentPhase 1: ReadinessPhase 2: SelectionPhase 3: EngagementPhase 4: MigrationPhase 5: Operations
Phase 3: Engagement

Objective: Conduct detailed planning through a fit-gap analysis and finalize the implementation roadmap. An Agile approach should be adopted for this phase.

Phase 3 Playbook Phase 3 Guidance Phase 3 TollgateLegend - Customer, Provider, Shared
Phase 3 Provider Selection Program Management Workforce, Organization, and Stakeholders Technology Process and Service Delivery
3.1 Integrate Project Management Office (PMO) Structures
3.2 Integrate Governance Structures
3.3 Update and Maintain Procurement Plans
3.4 Monitor and Control Program Execution
3.5 Maintain and Execute Risk Processes
3.6 Finalize Migration Approach
3.7 Update Life Cycle Cost Estimate (LCCE) for Migration and Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
3.8 Engage with Labor Relations
3.9 Execute Change Management Plan
3.10 Develop Training Plan
3.11 Finalize Requirements
3.12 Conduct Requirements Fit-Gap Analysis
3.13 Finalize Target State Systems Environment
3.14 Develop Integrated Technical Strategy
3.15 Prepare Data for Mock Conversions (Data Cleansing, Data Mapping)
3.16 Finalize Target State Concept of Operations
3.17 Define Integrated Contact Center Structure
3.18 Define Service Level Agreements


Phase 3 Documentation: The following documentation is developed during Phase 3 and is used to inform the Phase 3 Tollgate Review discussion. Agencies purchasing transaction processing services only will identify relevant activities and artifacts for their projects using the M3 Tailoring Guide.

Phase 3 Documentation
• Updated Implementation Approach/Timeline
• Updated LCCE for Migration and O&M
• Gap Analysis Report
• Updated Data Cleansing Plan
• O&M Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
• Go/No-Go Criteria for Go-Live Assessment
• Intent to Exercise Migration Option (Commercial)
• Integrated Program Charter
Integrated HR/Staffing Plan
Integrated Master Schedule (IMS)
• Integrated Program Management Plan
• Integrated Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) Plan
Integrated Governance Charter
• Migration Approach, Including Technical Strategies
Gap Analysis Register
• Updated Procurement Plan
Status Reports/Dashboard
• Change Request Log
Change Request Form
Lessons Learned Report
Integrated Risk Management Plan
Risk, Actions, Issues, Decision (RAID)Log
Migration Phase IAA Terms and Conditions (Federal Only)
• Migration Approach, including Technical Strategies
• Updated Labor Relations Strategy
• Updated Change Management Plan
• Updated Communications Plan
• Updated Readiness Assessment
• Updated Workforce Assessment
Initial Training Plan
Updated Requirements Management Plan
Requirements Traceability Matrix
• Validated and Updated As-Is Systems Environment
• Target State Systems Environment
Test Plan
Configuration Management Plan
• CooP and Disaster Recovery Plan
• Interface Strategy
• Enhancement Strategy
• Updated Data Cleansing Scripts
• Documented Data Structure and Mapping
Data Conversion Plan
• Target State Concept of Operations
• Scope of Services
• Integrated Contact Center Strategy
Information Contained in Tollgate Review Discussion
  1. M3 Risk Assessment Tool
  2. Target State Solution Scope
  3. Fit-Gap Analysis
  4. Migration Plan, Schedule, and Release Approach
  5. Top Risks
  6. LCCE
  7. Updated HR/Staffing Plan (Customer)
  8. Updated HR/Staffing Plan (Provider)
  9. Procurement Approach (Customer)
  10. Procurement Approach (Provider, Federal)
  11. Updated Change Management and Communications Approach
12. Training Approach
13. Contact Center Approach
14. Data Management/Data Quality Approach
15. Integrated Program Governance Model
16. Lessons Learned

Exit Criteria (to Move to Phase 4)
✓Fit-Gap Analysis Completed
✓PMO and Governance Process Integrated
✓LCCE Updated for Migration and O&M
✓Migration Approach Finalized
✓Integrated Master Schedule Drafted
✓SLAs for Migration and O&M Defined
✓Go/No-Go Criteria Approved

Phase 3 Guidance: Guidance Items are used by agencies to help with the engagement process. Templates are provided for agencies to help in the development of program documentation.


Phase 3 Guidance:
Phase 3 Guidance
• M3 Tailoring Guide
Integrated HR/Staffing Plan
• Integrated Governance Charter
• Updated Procurement Plan
• Status Reports/Dashboards
• Updated Implementation Approach/Timeline
• Lessons Learned Report
• Integrated Risk Management Plan
• Integrated Risk, Actions, Issues, Decision (RAID) Log
• USSM Risk Assessment Tool
• IAA Terms and Conditions (Federal Only)
• Go/No-Go Criteria for Go-Live Assessment
• Updated LCCE for Migration and O&M
• Updated Labor Relations Strategy
• Updated Communications Plan
• Training Plan
• Updated Requirements Management Plan
• Gap Analysis Report
• Target State Systems Environment
• Configuration Management Plan
• Test Plan
• Data Conversion Plan
• Updated Data Cleansing Plan
• Integrated Contact Center Strategy
• O&M SLAs