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Phase 4: Migration

Image Map Phase 0: Assessment Phase 1: Readiness Phase 2: Selection Phase 3: Engagement Phase 4: Migration Phase 5: Operations

Objective: Build, test, and deploy the new system, concept of operations, and workforce design. An Agile approach should be adopted for this Phase.

Phase 4 Playbook Phase 4 Guidance Phase 4 TollgateLegend - Customer, Provider, Shared
Phase 4: Migration Activites Program Management Workforce, Organization, and Stakeholders Technology Process and Service Delivery
4.1 Monitor and Control Program Execution
4.2 Maintain and Execute Risk Processes
4.3 Develop Integrated O&M Governance Process
4.4 Prepare O&M Scope of Services and Contracts
4.5 Assess Readiness for Go-Live
4.6 Update Lifecycle Cost Estimate for O&M
4.7 Design Target State Organization
4.8 Execute Workforce Transition and Prepare for Go-Live
4.9 Execute Training for Go-Live
4.10 Execute Labor Relations Strategy
4.11 Conduct Security and Privacy Reviews
4.12 Define Roles and User Access
4.13 Design, Configure, & Develop Systems
4.14 Design and Develop Interfaces
4.15 Design and Develop Reports
4.16 Design and Develop Data Warehouse
4.17 Conduct Mock Conversions
4.18 Test Systems and Processes
4.19 Develop/Execute Cutover Go-Live Plan
4.20 Finalize Service Level Agreements
4.21 Design Target State Processes


Phase 4 Documentation: The following documentation is developed during Phase 4 and is used to inform the Phase 4 Tollgate Review discussion. Agencies purchasing transaction processing services only will identify relevant activities and artifacts for their project using the USSM M3 Tailoring Guide.

Phase 4 Documentation:
Updated Go/No-Go Readiness Criteria*
Go/No-Go Assessment Report*
USSM Risk Assessment Tool
Change Request Form
• Change Request Log
• Updated IMS
• Updated Integrated Program Management Plan
• Updated IV&V Plan
Status Reports/Dashboard
Updated Integrated Risk Management Plan
• Updated Integrated RAID Log
Integrated O&M Governance Charter
• O&M Contract or IAA
• Contingency Plan
• Updated LCCE for O&M
• Target State Organization Design
• Updated Workforce Assessment
• Workforce Transition Strategy
• Updated Communications Plan
• Targeted Cutover Communications Plan
• Updated Readiness Assessment
• Updated Change Management Plan
Updated Training Plan
• Training Materials
• Training Evaluations
• Updated Labor Relations Strategy
• Security Documentation
• Privacy Documentation
• Baselined List of ID Credentials
Updated Requirements Tracability Matrix
• Configuration Workbooks
• Interface Control Document
• Reports Design Document
• Updated Data Warehouse Design Document
• Data Warehouse and BI Reports
Updated Data Conversion Plan
• Mock Conversion Report
• Conversion Defect Log
Test Plan
• Test Scripts
• Test Results Report
• Test Defect Log
• Cutover Plan
• Updated O&M SLAs
• Target State Process Maps
• Standard Operating Procedures
• Updated Business Process Reengineering Strategy
*Bolded documentation should be submitted for the Tollgate Review discussion. Additional information may be requested by USSM.

Information Contained in Tollgate Discussion
2. Program Management Readiness Criteria Tasks and Status
3. Organizational Readiness Criteria Tasks and Status
4. Technology Readiness Criteria Tasks and Status
6. Business Operations Readiness Criteria Tasks and Status

Exit Criteria (to Move to Phase 5)
✓Go/No-Go Criteria Met

Phase 4 Guidance: Guidance Items are used by agencies to help with the migration process. Templates are provided for agencies to help in the development of program documentation.


Phase 4 Guidance
Phase 4 Guidance

• USSM M3 Tailoring Guide
Status Reports/Dashboards
• Updated IMS
• Updated Integrated Risk Management Plan
• Updated Integrated RAID Log
USSM Risk Assessment Tool
• Integrated O&M Governance Charter
• O&M Contract or IAA
• Contingency Plan
• Updated LCCE for O&M
• Updated Training Plan
• Updated Data Conversion Plan
• Mock Conversion Report
• Test Plan
• Test Defect Log
• Test Results Report
• Cutover Plan
• Updated O&M SLAs


Phase 4: Migration FAQs

General M3 FAQs are listed under the resources tab.

4-1. What are the budget and cost implications of a No-Go decision?

o Customers and partners should develop a Contingency Plan to prepare in case a No-Go decision is made, or the solution needs to be rolled back to the legacy environment post deployment. Customers should engage the Resource Management Offices (RMO) to understand budget implications of these two options.